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2022 Best Valentine's Day Restaurants in Santa Cruz

Starting off in Downtown Santa Cruz with Laili Restaurant, which features a Mediterranean menu; the outdoor ambiance is beautifully styled with gorgeous plants everywhere, which makes you feel like you are in a fairytale. It is definitely a romantic location.

Lillians Italian Kitchen located in midtown Santa Cruz has excellent food, and it is a real Italian kitchen with lots of flavor.

Another beautiful setting is the Chaminade; it has some great sunsets nestled above Santa Cruz. If you haven’t experienced the views, you need to check it out sometime. They also have a great happy hour.

Keep moving closer to the water, and you’ll find yourself in Capitola. And what’s more romantic than the atmosphere at the Shadowbrook? The Shadowbrook has been known for “romance in dining” since the beginning, whether you take the trolley down or enjoy the plants and waterfalls on your walk down to the amazing rock room lounge.

Another Capitola favorite is Cafe Cruz on 41st Ave. They also have a nice atmosphere; the outdoor seating is very cozy. There is a nice fireplace with lots of pretty plants everywhere. My favorite dish is the grilled skirt steak & fettuccine. They also have an amazing burger. The bread pudding is the best, and so is the mud pie!

Next city over in Soquel, one of my favorites is Michaels on Main. They also have an amazing outdoor area along the Soquel Creek. They have yummy food options, and they often have live music.

Aptos is next on the list as we make our way through Santa Cruz one tasty place at a time. A favorite place with a romantic vibe is Bittersweet Bistro. The food is delicious, but the desserts are AMAZING!

Scotts Valley is home to one of my all-time favorite Chinese food spots EVER! Canton also has a location in Capitola. It is the best place to get Chinese food!

Last but not least, the Santa Cruz Mountains have Ristorante Casa Nostra. I wish I lived a little bit closer to this yummy spot. This is a great place for good food, tasty dessert, and a good atmosphere.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Links to these Tasty Spots:

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