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Crumbl Cookie

What to choose what to choose? They usually have different flavors every week and some staples like your chocolate chip cookie that...

Davenport Roadhouse

Davenport Roadhouse is a cute spot off highway one in Davenport. I’d always driven past this place and had yet to try it till today. It...

Home Office Goals

Inspiring work space is what comes to mind. Having that dedicated space at home while working from home is very important for...

PEOPLES Coffee - Live Oak

Do you have that one spot you always go to and you never take a detour? I like to have my favorite, but then every so often you have to...

Anna Jean Cummings Park

Anna Jean Cummings park, also known as Blue Ball Park, is located in Soquel off of old San Jose Road, not too far up the road. It’s a...

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