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January Is A Good Month For New Beginnings

True or false: January is a good month for new beginnings.

And what better way to begin January than by following home maintenance tips for your home? Here’s a home maintenance to-do list you can do this month to keep your home in its best condition!

Organize your closet. Clear out any clutter and start sorting your closet. Separate cold-weather clothing and accessories that you need right now and store your summer clothing in labeled boxes.

Give your plants some TLC. The cold and dry weather might make your plants look sad and wilted, add humidity to the air by using a humidifier or by spraying them with water occasionally.

Clean out your kitchen pantry. All the holiday cooking can turn your pantry into a mess! Start over by taking everything out, tossing out stale and expired food, and wiping your pantry shelves before putting everything back.

Store your holiday Christmas decorations well. Once you’re mustered the energy to take down all your holiday decorations, make sure to take time to handle them with care. Wrap delicate ornaments in paper, and wrap string lights around cardboard to prevent them from tangling. It’s also time to give away ornaments that didn’t make it onto the tree this year, and to repair or toss broken items.

Plan big home projects for the year ahead. Now for the exciting part, it’s also a good time to take a good look at your house and to plan for home improvement projects that your house might need. Whether you’ve been wanting to remodel the kitchen or bath, painting the exterior or transforming your basement into a movie theater - take the time to list them down, do some research on it, and create a plan of action so that you can achieve it before the year ends.

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