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PEOPLES Coffee - Live Oak

Do you have that one spot you always go to and you never take a detour? I like to have my favorite, but then every so often you have to change it up and get some new scenery.

I don’t have extra time on the weekends after class due to open houses and clients, but during the holidays that changes slightly as people are often busy with family or traveling for the holidays. It’s a nice time to take advantage of this quiet time and get some friend time in.

Love taking a local Zumba class as my schedule

on the weekends sometimes does not allow for this. I was successful at making a Saturday class and grabbing some coffee with the ladies after class like the good old days.

I enjoyed a raspberry mocha and a turkey and cheese on a toasted croissant as we chatted on a cozy couch. It was pouring rain as well. Great coffee shop ambiance.

It is a nice sized location with tables and chairs, comfortable couches and even a little play area for kids. They even sell Peoples Coffee merchandise if you're into that.

Depending on the time of day you go, the parking might be a little tricky depending on the class schedule at the gym.

They are located at the corner of 17th Ave and Brommer in the same complex as Toadal fitness.

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