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Monster Pot 🍜 - Santa Cruz, CA

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Spicy peanut noodle soup!  Sooooo delicious!  If you’ve been in Santa Cruz for a while, you may know Betty’s Noodle house, now called Monster Pot.  I learned about this spot just a few years ago.  It was kind of random at the time, since it was located in the Metro Bus Station and that’s not a place you really want to go if you know the area.  The food was always worth the trip.  They recently moved; not far from this location, but definitely to a more desirable spot.  They now have a full-on bar and a nice location to sit down and enjoy yourself. My usual is spicy peanut noodle soup, egg rolls, and spicy green beans. They are located in downtown Santa Cruz at 431 Front Street.

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