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The Walnut Ave Cafe - Downtown Santa Cruz

Love coming to this place and forget about it sometimes since I don’t live nearby anymore.

I got here and could have eaten either breakfast or lunch. It was a hard choice to make since everything looks so delicious.

Went with the french toast, 2 slices, a side of crispy bacon and coffee. It was the perfect amount and hit the spot.

It gets packed here on the weekends, but since the pandemic they have additional outdoor seating covered and outside heating as well.

Service has always been good, and they get your food out pretty quick. I was surprised that even though it was a week day, it was still pretty crowded. I was still seated right away, but they had a nice amount of people dining here as well. They have also added privacy separators for the booths, assuming that's from the pandemic as well.

Great overall experience and the food and coffee was excellent.

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