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Jack O'neil Restaurant & Lounge - Santa Cruz - California

If you’re a Santa Cruz local, then you’ll most likely know about this spot. It is mainly known for being located in The Dream Inn, which is a popular hotel located on Crowell Beach near the Santa Cruz Wharf. It has awesome oceanfront rooms and a pool overlooking the beach as well, and the Jack O’Neil restaurant also has a plain view of the ocean from its dining room.

Take in the views while you enjoy this tasty place. Come for a dinner date or a happy hour meet up with the ladies, but whatever you do it will not disappoint. Service is always good, and food is always warm and delicious. Cocktails are pretty good, and they even have a fancy smoking cocktail called smoke on the water that comes out smoking.

Fun vibes here. Summer can be a little crowded, so unless you go during the week, it may be less crowded. But during the nicer weather, you may have a harder time finding parking.

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